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Cinemassively: Second Life Cable Network

Moo Money

It's been half of a year since Second Life Insider first covered the Second Life Cable Network. Since that time, they've expanded rapidly, growing into a full blown TV station. Their determination has set them apart from other video programs inside SL. I'll personally never forget them, because Starr Sonic poured glitter in my hair at the Second Life Community Convention. It took two people 20 minutes to pick it all out!

SLCN offers a variety of programming for the audience. For the sports fanatics, they have sailing, hockey, SLASCAR racing, and snail racing. They also have weekly talk shows, streaming of live concerts, fashion shows, and on location reporting. In addition, they recently announced a shopping channel that will run 24 hours a day! These channels can be watched on their website or streamed into Second Life.

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In order to fund all of these ventures, they provide unique advertising opportunities for clients. For example, if you would like to advertise on their shopping network, they will make you a five minute infomercial for an initial fee of 10,000L. After that, it would cost 2,000L every month to keep it running. The ads are then rotated in with the content on the shopping network.

For more information, please visit the SLCN website, where they have archived video of their live coverage, podcasts of their shows, and a full calendar of events.

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