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Defective Rock Band guitars get defective patch

Our complaints towards Rock Band are few and far between, and mainly focus on the artists that Harmonix failed to include (no Elvis Costello, AC/DC or Michael McDonald? Unbelievable). However, when the big blue box dropped this Tuesday past, many people were experiencing issues with the Stratocaster peripheral that came packed in -- namely that the guitar eventually stops registering down strums (or, for our southpaw readers, up strums) after only a few hours.

Harmonix, much like the agile roadie, posted a quick fix for the crippled periphs by dropping a day one patch that was supposed to fix the guitars with no down strumming, but responses to the patch have been mixed. For some, the guitars are now in perfect working order. Others report the patch didn't fix the problem at all. More troubling still, some have reported that their down strums now register twice, making them just as useless.

EA is honoring warranties on all Rock Band equipment; many in the Rock Band community are reporting that EA's customer service department says the guitar replacement procedure will take nearly two weeks. In the interim, the rockers rendered axeless can still use their old X-plorers and Les Pauls in lieu of the Stratocaster. They may lack the extra frets and effects, but they work just as well, and they miss you.

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