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Famicom adapter makes the DS useful


Finally, we can stop playing all those awful DS and Game Boy Advance games on our DS Lite. Really, we like the hardware, but we want to play real games on the thing. Like Final Fantasy III, Dragon Quest IV, and Ys, not whatever's out on the DS. We're sure you feel the same way.

That's why we think CYBER Gadget's CYBER Familator Lite is so great. Based on their CYBER Familator "Famiclone," It plugs into the DS's GBA slot and allows the system to play genuine (and pirate, we suppose) Famicom cartridges. And, with the right Gyromite cartridge, it'll play American games too. It even has TV out, making it a fully functional Famicom!

It'll be out in Japan next month, but CYBER Gadget has yet to announce the price. The amazing name will probably bump it up an extra 1000 yen or so. Familator.

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