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Last Week on Massively: Warcraft related stories

Dan O'Halloran

Here at WoW Insider we cover the many aspects of World of Warcraft. Over at our sister site, Massively, we give the same in-depth coverage to all MMOs. And many of those stories cover Warcraft in one way or another.

Here is a compilation of posts from Massively this past week that will feed your need for all things WoW.

Playing by different rules: should mobs be subject to interrupts?
Chris Chester explores the reasoning behind different combat rules between players and mobs.

WoW tournament resurrected at Dreamhack, $75,000 in prizes
The WSVG may be dead, but the Dreamhack convention in Sweden is hosting a 3v3 tournament and you won't believe the 1st place cash prize amount.

Guildcafe merges with Uberguilds
Guild site hosting meets community building tools. Is it any better than Guildportal?

WoW is the "train driving PC gaming," says John Carmack
The creator of Quake and Doom talks about the enormous influence of MMOs in bringing new gamers to the PC gaming. But will the PC retain its dominant status for MMOs in development?

This just in: games are TiVo-licious
Discovery Channel is running a retrospective on video games and an upcoming episode is dedicated to MMOs, including our beloved WoW.

Building a better MMOusetrap: Buildings, barrens and beyond (Part 2)
Dave Moss continues his weekly feature exploring MMO mechanics. This week, he continues with a column about the function and design opportunities of in-game cities.

Industry panel says MMOs are just getting started
A Harvard Business School panel discussion on MMOs included Blizzard's team leader Mark Kern. See what he has to say about the future of online gaming.

Gamer Interrupted: How to turn your wife into a gamer
Our very own Robin Torres has moved her Azeroth Interrupted weekly column to Massively as Gamer Interrupted. By popular demand she gives you tips and strategies to entice your significant other to join you in your passion for gaming.

How WoW works
Amanda Rivera points us to a site that covers the basics of the game. Though many of us are veterans of WoW, there are sure to be a few tidbits in there that you never knew.

The Escapist explains how your guild can avoid a "failure cascade"
One small problem in your guild can leave it decimated in a short amount of time if you don't address it immediately. The Escapist delves into the problem and offers solutions.

Darkmoon Faire dazzles London
The World of Warcraft trading card game tournament comes to London and top players compete against Blizzard Community Managers. Who won and who took a dirt nap?

The coming of mudflation
Mike Schramm explores why mudflation may not be a bad thing. Other than being able to 5-man Onyxia.

MMOGology: Roleplaying is dead
Marc Nottke continues his weekly column, this time exploring how MMO's do away with the RP aspect that made its Pen and Paper predecessors so entertaining.

Seagate shuts the gate
After certain Seagate hard drives were discovered to have an account stealing program inserted at the manufacturer, the company remained tight lipped about the details. Until now.

Behind the Curtain: Sex sells
Should in-game brothels be allowed? Columnist Craig Whithers explores the issues surrounding the controversial idea.

Skill leveling: manual or automatic?
Akela Talamasca explores the pros and cons of leveling skills, including WoW's push button system.

The9 buys shares in ... itself
The Chinese carrier of WoW had a surprising stock plummet and used the opportunity to buy back its own shares. Smart move or bad business?

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