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Extended maintenance and new Arena Season 3 vendors


In case you haven't heard, Arena Season 3 starts tomorrow. Blizzard is taking down the servers at 2 AM PST and is scheduled to bring them back up again at noon. When the servers come up, Season 3 will begin, Season 1 gear will be available for honor purchase and there will be new Arena Vendors.

You will no longer need to travel to Area 52, pile into the little hut and speak to the Pinchwhistles in order to buy your Arena gear. As of the beginning of Season 3, you will be able to purchase your Arena gear outside of the Arenas in Nagrand and Blade's Edge and even in the old world town of Gadgetzan.

How many pieces of Season 3 gear have you saved up for? What do you have planned for the downtime? (Other than reading WoW Insider and Massively, of course.)

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