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Making money from Season 3

John Himes

Tomorrow morning Arena Season 3 is scheduled to start up and, among other things, this will bring a lot of new loot into the game. I'm sure many of you are like myself and have been hoarding up honor and arena points in order to buy the new gear as soon as it appears on the vendors. This season, due largely to the new rating requirements placed on some of the new items, I've decided to actually put forth effort to be competitive in the arena.

With that in mind, picking up the new PvP gear becomes a priority, and I imagine other people are going to be in a similar position. Gone are the days of dying in the arena week after week in order to finally pick up that amazing weapon. Of course, for many players, there's a much more important aspect to preparing for Season 3: making money on the auction house.

With new equipment comes the need for new enchantments and gems. Jewelcrafters, enchanters and farmers everywhere rejoice! While you don't have a lot of time to stockpile materials, it should be a safe bet to farm up items that lead to more Stamina and more Resilience. Any of those items should be good sellers on the auction house tomorrow and the following days. Blue, green, purple gems and Earthstorm Diamonds can all be cut to add stamina in one way or another, and I'd speculate that the blue gems, which can be cut to add pure stamina, will be the best sellers. Yellow and green gems can be cut to add resilience, so I'd also think about selling those for that reason. Primal Earth is the only special enchanting material I can think of that is needed to add these two stats, so there is less variety for this trade skill. Of course, the standard ingredients -- Arcane Dust, Greater Planar Essences, and Large Prismatic Shards -- should sell well.

I'm only taking into account the more defensive enhancements in this short list, so keep in mind that a lot of people will be buying enchants and gems to augment their other abilities as well. Those items are far too numerous to list here. The ones above will be necessary, to one degree or another, for all classes and specs, so they are likely to be the best sellers.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Did I miss anything that will likely be a good seller?

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