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MousEX Glider extends your mouse's utility

Darren Murph

While there are a myriad devices -- such as the Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit and Belkin n52te SpeedPad -- available to complement your mouse when gaming it up, MousEX extensions look to actually alter the way you handle your critter. The outfit is apparently looking to roll out a number of extensions, but the one currently available (dubbed the Glider; $29.95) enables users to attach their current mouse to a pad along with its programmable keyboard, where he / she can then move the cursor without actually curving their hand around the mouse itself. It also features a whole heap of buttons to store your favorite macros on, and in case it wasn't apparent, looks to assist the everyday user a bit more than the hardcore gamer. We know things such as this are better explained via imagery, so check out an informative (but slightly mundane) video after the jump.

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