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MTV Games hints at next big thing; announcement coming soon


With Rock Band out in stores (well, kinda), publisher MTV Games is already looking for their next hit. Early bets were on similar music-themed titles (they are MTV, after all). A recent Reuters article, however, seems to indicate otherwise, as MTV Networks Music Group EVP Jeff Yapp hints at even greater things to come.

At the end of the article, Yapp teases that MTV Games is planning a "big announcement, which is coming up fairly quickly." He refers to the announcement as "a move into a whole other realm," which could either mean that MTV Games is planning to move away from the rhythm gaming genre, or perhaps even that MTV Games is moving away from games altogether.

So how soon is "fairly quickly"? And will MTV Games' newest venture include developer Harmonix? Let the speculations run rampant. We're just curious to see how MTV plans to further utilize their unique resources in the game industry.

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