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NTT DoCoMo shutters French subsidiary, doesn't mean much

Chris Ziegler

You know how the old saying goes: when one NTT DoCoMo office opens, another closes. Okay, we just totally made that up, but it's appropriate here seeing how Japan's largest carrier is shutting down its French subsidiary -- named "DoCoMo Europe (France) S.A.S.," if you must know -- and replacing it with a more pedestrian "representative office" in January of next year. Ultimately, the move means very little to anyone outside NTT DoCoMo; the subsidiary had been created to help Europe and Japan stay on the same page regarding UMTS standardization way back in '98, and now that said task is complete, there's not much purpose for its existence. For what it's worth, the newly minted representative office will be "monitoring" Europe's telecom industry, so be warned, folks: NTT DoCoMo is watching you.

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