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Reminder: Win a $5K gaming PC from Falcon Northwest

Here's another reminder to drop your name in our invisible hat (the doctor says it's not real) for a chance to win this here PC gaming rig. Remember, you can enter once each day and each entry increases your chances of winning. What's that? You don't want a free computer worth approximately $5K? Maybe this will convince you:

Since the folks at Falcon Northwest are the experts when it comes to building gaming PCs and we're the experts when it comes to asking obvious questions, we decided to combine our relative talents and present you with a short bit about a different component each day. What improvements does Falcon Northwest CEO, Kelt Reeves, attribute to the SLI (dual video card) setup of the nVidia GeForce 8800GTs in this beast? Donning a white lab coat, Reeves says, "I've already mentioned the capital letters thing. But in real-world terms on Soldier of Fortune: Payback, you can expect about an 80% increase in framerate with two cards in SLI over a single card. This what we scientists refer to as 'spiffy'."

Hrm, yes. Clearly. It would also be quite spiffy – swell even – if you headed to the giveaway post (you can enter once each day) to answer the following question in the comments: What useless electronic device is currently wasting space in your house?

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