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Season 1 Prices revisited as items go on sale tomorrow

Mike Schramm

We heard a long time ago that Arena 1 sets would be purchaseable with battleground honor and marks, and it looks like tomorrow's the day-- all those marks and honor you've been saving up will be able to get you some Arena PvP gear.

We posted prices a while back as well, but just in case you missed them, here they are again, at Curse's website. The full list of prices is after the jump-- lots of people will probably be headed for the weapons, but make sure to bring lots of honor and marks. While the offhand weapons are the least pricey (at 9k honor), the marks are probably what will break people-- you need 20 Eye of the Storm marks for all the one-hand weapons, and 40 AB marks for the two handers. Librams, relics and totems are the cheapest-- only 8k honor and 10 EotS marks.

The full list is printed for your convenience after the break. Got honor? If you want to grab some of that season 1 gear tomorrow, you're gonna need it.

Gladiator's Armor Breastplate - 14500 Honor 30x AB Marks
Gladiator's Armor Gauntlets - 10500 Honor 20x AV Marks
Gladiator's Armor Helm - 14500 Honor 30x AV Marks
Gladiator's Armor Leggings - 14500 Honor 30x WSG Marks
Gladiator's Armor Shoulders - 11250 Honor 20x AB Marks
Gladiator's Two-Hand Weapons - 27000 Honor 40x AB Marks
Gladiator's Main Hand Weapons - 18000 Honor 20x EOTS Marks
Gladiator's Main Hand Weapons(Caster) - 25200 Honor 20x EOTS Marks
Gladiator's Off-Hand Weapons - 9000 Honor 20x EOTS Marks
Gladiator's Off-Hand Weapons(Caster) - 9000 Honor 20x EOTS Marks
Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow - 27000 Honor 40x AB Marks
Gladiator's Shields - 15000 Honor 20x EOTS
Gladiator's Librams/Totems/Relics - 8000 Honor 10x EOTS Marks

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