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'State of the Game' highlights GW balance changes

Chris Chester

In the latest of ArenaNet's "State of the Game" feature, player Harold J. Chow gives a rundown of the changes to the competitive Guild Wars landscape that have come about as a result of the recent skill changes . In particular, he takes an in-depth looking at what competitive teams are doing to compensate for the fact that the casting time for Light of Deliverance, once the go-to efficient party heal, has been raised to a comparatively lengthy two seconds. Some are taking second looks at previously overlooked healing skills, while others are seeing if they can't make LoD work despite the changes.

He also looks at a couple of other changes that appear poised to change the way PvP works, especially in the way of a handful of nerds to Assassins that should make them more manageable 1v1 and less of a likely instant death if you are to engage with one in combat. For our part, we love these pieces, because they showcase for casual players and spectators what a given patch actually means for gameplay, rather than leaving curious parties to troll the forums looking for some sort of elusive consensus that never seems to exist.

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