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GameTribe talks microtransactions versus the subscription model

William Dobson

An increasing number of MMOs these days are shunning the subscription model -- paying a certain amount every month for your access to the game -- in favor of free access with microtransactions. Gamespot UK recently interviewed Laurent Malek from GameTribe, to discuss the company's current and upcoming games, and their free-to-play, microtransaction-supported business model.

GameTribe is a portal that leads through to a number of free games, and in each one of them you can trade real-life money for in-game "kash", and then purchase items. In some of their games, items are obtainable either through time investment or through kash, but in others, there will be items that are exclusive to kash and exclusive to being earned in-game.

Malek mentions that he does not think the subscription model is dead necessarily, but there are definitely those out there that do. The article also mentions that Sony found that people ended up paying more with non-subscription models. Going forward from now, how would you prefer to be paying for your favorite MMO, with one monthly chunk or spending little bits here and there for things in the game world?

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