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Reminder: Win a $5K gaming PC from Falcon Northwest

Here's another reminder to drop your proverbial card in our proverbial fishbowl for a chance to win this here PC gaming rig. Remember, you can enter once each day and each entry increases your chances of winning. What's that? You don't want a free computer worth approximately $5K? Maybe this will convince you:

Since the folks at Falcon Northwest are the experts when it comes to building gaming PCs and we're the experts when it comes to asking obvious questions, we decided to combine our relative talents and present you with a short bit about a different component each day. Today, we asked Falcon Northwest CEO, Kelt Reeves, how a RAID 0 configuration helps gamers. He whimpered, "In a RAID 0 setup, two drives are used and each drive gets half the data. Then when that data is read from the hard drive, it can be pulled from both drives simultaneously, resulting in nearly double the throughput. What this means is that when you're playing Soldier of Fortune: Payback and you're running thru the jungle, you won't get any framerate stuttering while the game tries to pull new textures from your hard drive. ... See look – I gave a straight answer without being snarky or anything! Can you unlock this thing so I can go now?"

Sit still and be quiet! We've still got another week to go so would you kindly head to the giveaway post (you can enter once each day) to answer the following question in the comments: How big was your first computer's hard drive? Yeah, it's a trick question, our first computer was rocking a cassette deck too.

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