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Rock Band Weekly: Bowie's 'queen bitch' has 'moonage daydreams' about 'heroes'


We're a little under pressure this week as David Bowie becomes the DLC content on XBLM and PSN for Rock Band. Why under pressure? Well, we're sure that the covers for Heroes and Queen Bitch are of the highest Harmonix quality, so we're having pre-stress in case Bowie has a The Romanics nutter and sues everyone because the covers are too good! We're gonna watch that man. This week's Rock Band DLC is:

Bowie Pack - $5.50:
  • Moonage Daydream ($2)
  • Heroes ($2 *Cover*)
  • Queen Bitch ($2 *Cover*)
We're hoping everything willl be hunky dory with Bowie about these covers, but can he justifiably complain about anything being married to a goddess like Iman?

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