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Ten Ton Hammer demystifies the Forsaken Inn

Samuel Axon

If you're nearing level 20 in The Lord of the Rings Online, it will be nigh impossible to avoid spending some time with the Forsaken Inn as your base of operations. The inn's prominence in LotRO is surprising since it's a place that only appeared in a single line of the literature of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Since every freep in all of Middle-earth inevitably spends at least a little time at the Forsaken Inn, Ten Ton Hammer decided it would be a great idea to catalog every single quest connected to the place. Their new Forsaken Inn Quest Guide not only lists all the quests, but their levels and objectives. In some cases, there's even information on how to complete the objectives.

So if you're planning a journey down the Great East Road, the guide will be a good thing to bring with you.

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