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Touch! criminals in CCTV


Nikitova Games, who works on licensed games such as Casper Scare School, has announced two original projects for the DS and Wii. One is Mind Games, which is ... some training thing. But the other one, CCTV, sounds pretty neat!

The game seems to involve watching security footage and picking out perpetrators from a crowd, as well as X-raying luggage in an airport. The game's description hints at more tasks: "... this fast paced game of observation, identification & interrogation." Success gets you promoted from mall security up to "international head of security".

We're glad to see an original game idea, and we're always happy when a developer of licensed games moves on to something more ambitious -- even if it's a more ambitious licensed game. We're also thrilled to see a game based on watching security cameras, if only because it reminds us of Night Trap. Maybe with the security camera gimmick used for something other than delivering FMV, a good game can come from the idea!

[Via Siliconera]

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