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WoW Moviewatch: Netherwing - The Movie

Dan O'Halloran

Continuing our spotlight of the top movies in Warcraft Movie's Fabled Few contest, today we have something special for those of you suffering from extended server downtime: a fifteen minute movie.

Why would you want to watch a 15 minute machinima piece? Because this one is very, very well done. Story, script, music, cinematography, sound effects, you name it. This movie has got it. It ended up placing 2nd in the Drama category, only beaten by Black Rose.

Netherwing - The Movie dramatizes the event surrounding the Netherwing faction quest in game. And for once, doesn't use the Blood Elf model to make the race look like a bunch of prancing idiots. Part 1 is above, and part 2 of the movie is after the jump.

If you want to know more about the film maker and his other projects, check out his blog at Stormscape Creations.

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