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Activision CEO wants Xbox 360 & PS3 at $199


Activision CEO Bobby Kotick believes the PS3 and Xbox 360 must be priced at $199 within the next two years in order to obtain mass appeal. Speaking with Reuters, he believes the Wii has set a standard of expectation and that consumers notice price over tech specs. He goes on to say that "all will need to be at that $199 price point" in the next two years and that the Wii will likely drop to $129 within a "few years."

As the top third-party publisher, Activision depends on console manufacturers selling their product at whatever the cost. The more consoles sold, the more money they stand to make from software sales. The $199 price point does sound consumer friendly and we know the Wii could do it tomorrow (coincidentally, it's the cost of two Gamecubes taped together), the Xbox 360 might get there sooner than later... but the PS3? That's a stretch.

[Via GameDaily]

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