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Blizzard posts engineering mount gallery and Hallowe'en costumes

Amanda Miller

If you haven't checked the World of Warcraft official site in a few days, some new goodies have popped up that you might enjoy. Blizzard added a gallery for photos of players dressed up in WoW-themed Hallowe'en costumes, including several cute pictures of children (can you say baby murloc?), and some nifty ideas.

They also added an engineering mount gallery, to both the engineering and the flying mount pages. Of course, the WoW Insider turbo-charged flying machine gallery was up first, and we're not gloating about it. No; we're merely linking to Blizzard's! Actually, they've compiled some unique and truly beautiful shots, so it's definitely worth perusing.

Although Blizzard is always open to receiving your screenshots, at the moment, they're quite interested in shots of the new Cenarion Expedition mounts. Check out our mini-guide to taking screenshots if you're not sure of the technicalities, and then mount up for the camera! Alternatively, start grinding in Coilfang, and begin saving your gold. If you fancy one of the flying hippogryphs, it'll set you back some 2000g.

If heading out and snapping some fantastic shots is not your style, or if you simply do not have the time, then perhaps you should head over to our Caption This contest page and try your hand at winning a 60-day WoW gamecard.

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