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Boom Boom Rocket update live, joined by five free tunes


Revealed earlier this month, a title update to Xbox Live Arcade's rhythmic detonator Boom Boom Rocket is now available, bringing with it some bug fixes, added peripheral support and, most importantly, bigger and better 'splosions. In addition to supporting dance mats and fake guitars, we've found that the game also works with Rock Band's drum set, yielding an activity both challenging and utterly embarrassing.

Arriving in tandem with the update is the game's long awaited downloadable content, announced by EA to be a set of five new songs:
  • "Eine Kleine Rochtmusik"
  • "Cannon in D"
  • "Sugar High"
  • "Sting of the Bumble Bee"
  • "Explode to Joy"
Yes, it seems someone's gone and shoved five more classical tunes through some sort of Eurotrash bastardization device, but we managed to enjoy the game despite that last time. Oh, and they're free until December 16th, after which they'll set you back 250 MS Points (an awkward $3 and 12.5 cents).

Update: The DLC is now live.

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