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G4 writer: Every MMOG since WoW is an epic failure

Matt Warner

Insert "I pick whatever," and that list can be found on every webbed nook and seedy cranny. But this is the best list ever. Says Who? Anyone with a blog! Normally these lists are the opinions of one person, but the overall outlook is held to the site they scribble on. I don't remember taking a vote for "Massively's" Top 5 Sci-Fi MMOs," (although EVE would be my top pick) but it's possible other Massively writers voted. (You wouldn't believe how much we spam each other.) Well, this list by G4's Sjohnson entitled "Epic Fail: Gaming Failures" is turning a few heads. At the top of the heap, the writer boldly chooses the #1 failure as being: "Every North American MMO Since World of Warcraft."

What? It gets better. To solidify their opinion Johnson uses the all-to-familiar Star Wars Galaxies debacle ("Don't NGE me bro!") and points to the mega flopped Sims Online. Both power-players with established franchises, and their own built-in fanbases that should have thawed out the Frozen Moses and blew the genre to smithereens. What about actual MMOGs that were released after World of Warcraft? Johnson failed to list one. Maybe his list would have been better titled, "Every MMO ever released except World of Warcraft."

Lastly, World of Warcraft's 9 million total sub count is cool and all, but it doesn't mean a MMOG with 200k subs isn't successful in its own right. If you want to make a list about MMOG failures and base it on subs alone, it's only fair to include all those grindtastic ones based in Asia that have millions of subscriptions too. I wouldn't touch those MMOGs even if you imprisoned me on a gold farm with a thousand Natalie Portman cylons. (Wait a minute...) Still, I think these lists are fun and it leaves room for great debate. I want to know what you guys think. Has every single MMOG since World of Warcraft failed? Should LotRO have over a million subscriptions by now? What about the trouble regarding countless MMOG cancellations and delays over this past year-- is World of Warcraft to blame? Let us know in the comments.

[via, Random Battle]

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