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Rockstar drops GTA IV box art video, dates new trailer

Never one to just toss out a .jpg and say, "Here's some box art, losers," Rockstar commissioned a fancy time-lapse video showing the creation of the cover art for the latest GTA installment. What does it tell us about Grand Theft Auto IV? Let's go through it: helicopters, motorcycles, handguns, sniper rifles, aerial trams, cornrows, and lollipops. Peep the video after the break and join us in wondering where that painting's hanging right now.

They've also announced a new trailer titled, "Move up, ladies" which is scheduled to drop Dec. 6th – next Thursday – at 3:00pm EST. Let's just hope things go smoother than their previous two attempts, which managed to clog the tubes and send impatient fans scrambling to torrent sites. Hey, Rockstar, we know a certain corporate benefactor who would love to host your trailer. Call us, our people can talk to your people.

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