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Season 3 aspirations

John Himes

The third arena season started yesterday amidst a flurry of activity on my server. Trades people were making gold by the handful. Non-raiders and alts everywhere suddenly received a huge boost from the first-season gladiator's gear which was moved to honor vendors. Last season's winners showed off their bugged titles and mounts while players across the servers began competing to win those rewards for themselves next time around.

I haven't been much of a PvPer on my main character, an Alliance rogue. In fact, I've been rather horrible at it. (I suppose I do better from range, since I always had much better luck as a hunter or warlock.) Nonetheless, I've been learning a lot in the past few weeks and have decided to aim for at least an 1850 rating this time around. For many hardcore PvPers, that goal is probably laughably easy to attain. For someone like me, who has basically died ten times each week to grab a few welfare epics, it seems rather lofty.

I've started building up my PvP gear and reading up on strategies. My main arena partner and I have even discussed respecing our talents a couple of times a week in order to maximize our PvP potential while maintaining our current level of raiding ability. I'm not sure how far we'll go, but we'd both like to pick up some new weapons.

There must be other players that are in a similar situation, getting into the arena seriously for the first time. I imagine that yet other people will simply be content to grab more items from the cheaper "Merciless" rewards. What are your own goals for this arena season? Are you going to any special measures to achieve them?

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