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CoX costume token, free respec delay

Chris Chester

As astute players may remember, the City of Heroes team had promised to offer a free respec and free costume token to coincide with the release of Issue 11, which hit servers yesterday morning. Those expecting the free goodies were probably a bit distraught, and are probably curious just what happened. Counting ourselves among this group, we headed over to the official City of Heroes forums and found the answer from the esteemed community manager, Lighthouse.

Turns out that they couldn't quite fit everything into the patch that they had hoped, and among the things that ended up slipping through the rungs were the aforementioned respec and costume token. But fear not, because they were only delayed, not canceled. The free costume token will be assessed to all active character accounts during the usual morning maintenance period tomorrow, Friday the 30th. As for the free respec, you'll have to wait a bit longer, as that won't be going active until December 7th. The timing seems a little strange, since the respec is supposed to compensate for all the balance challenges put in Issue 11, and letting people respec a full week and a half later is just... curious.

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