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Journey's End ViDOC recaps the Halo saga

Dustin Burg

Again we've stumbled across some new Xbox Live Marketplace content prior to any announcement and this time it's a brand new Halo 3 ViDOC. W00t!

The new Journey's End ViDOC is a 753MB download (only available in HD) and we presume to be available worldwide to all Xbox Live subscribers via the XBLM. In essence, it's a fifteen minute introduction to key Halo characters and a brief overview of what events occurred in both Halo and in Halo 2. And, since it is a ViDOC, it's sprinkled with the patented Bungie charm we've all come to love. So, if you're rather new to Halo or just want cliff notes on what has taken place over the past few years as it pertains to the game, then give the new ViDOC a watch. If, at the very least, it'll leave you salivating and want to pick up and play Halo 3 again.

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