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Lawsuit targets MS and Bungie for 'faulty' Halo 3

Ross Miller

A new lawsuit has been filed by a San Diego resident against Microsoft and Bungie concerning Halo 3. According to Information Week, the suit alleges the game "consistently causes the Xbox 360 to crash, freeze, or lock up while the game is being played."

The plaintiff, Randy Nunez, also asserts the problem is widespread and that Microsoft and Bungie "
have failed to recall Halo 3 or otherwise remedy its failure to function on the Xbox 360." He is seeking class action status and unspecified damages.

We're not lawyers, but we don't think the problem is inherently Halo 3 so much as hardware issues that Microsoft has tried to address (to the tune of over $1 billion). Of course, he could be talking about scratched Legendary Edition discs, which Microsoft also took action to fix. It's hard to tell how these fancy schmancy legal proceedings will play out; perhaps the whole mess can be resolved over a friendly game of capture the flag.

[Via GameDaily]

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