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News station tackles Xbox Live trash talk


Anyone who has spent any length of time playing Halo 3 online knows that it is a place of filth and depravity. Oh sure, the actual gameplay is nothing more than garden-variety violence. Nothing wrong with that. No, it's the language. The kinds of God-awful racist, homophobic, and xenophobic garbage that spills from the mouths of babes would make even the saltiest sailor blush. Of course, most gamers simply hit the blessed mute button, pwn some n00bs and move on. As a local news affiliate, such things can't be done, and are, in fact, irresponsible. So, a FOX news affiliate took it upon themselves to frighten inform parents about the copious dangers of Xbox Live, particularly the trash talk in Halo 3. The report notes that most parents don't know about the parental controls present in the Xbox 360. Furthermore, if they do, the piece asserts that parents would have to figure out how to use the controller to implement them. What is this, 1983? Are there still parents that are deathly afraid of game controllers? For what it's worth, the report does say that proactive parenting is the best defense for the virgin ears of children.

Another video, this one taken from, is posted after the break. One of the sites readers created the Gamertag "Gay Boy," took it into Halo 3 online, and recorded the results. As you might expect, the results are far from safe for work (or safe for civilized ears really). Just remember: mute button. It's your best friend, and the other guy will happily continue talking to no one. That's what the internet is for.

Major Nelson actually responded to this video. See what he has to say about it here (thanks L. Harmon).

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