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Twinbird intros waterproof Zabady MP3/CD player


It looks like the folks at Twinbird have yet another option for those that like to keep all their gadgets waterproof, with it now rolling out the latest entry in its Zabady line: a luggable CD/MP3 player. Unlike wimpy "weather-resistant" players, however, this one seems to be the real deal, with it apparently able to be submerged in 39 inches of water for a full half-hour before it needs to come up for air. You'll need to supply your own USB drive to play MP3 or WMA files, however, or you'll otherwise have to make do with the built-in FM radio and aforementioned CD player. No word on a release just yet, but it'll apparently only be available in Japan initially, where it'll set you back ¥21,000 (or about $190).

[Via Physorg]

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