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Wannabe werewolves featured in Lorebook

Samuel Axon

North of the land once known as Arnor (the setting for The Lord of the Rings Online), there is an icy wasteland called Forochel. That grave place is inhabited by savage men who have mostly tended to their own wars and concerns, and who do not participate in the affairs of Middle-earth, except to occasionally sweep south and plunder.

Some of those cruel men inhabit Dol Haedir -- a landmark Turbine created in northern Evendim, and the subject of the newest official Lorebook entry. According to the entry, the men of Dol Haedir are savage cannibals called the Gauredain.

One of the cool things about Turbine's aspirations of authenticity is its careful use of Tolkien's languages even for newly invented peoples and places. The Sindarin "Gauredain" translates roughly to "Werewolf Men." These guys certainly look the part ... and act it too, what with the eating human flesh and all.

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