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2.3.2 patch notes updated

John Himes

Earlier today, Salthem posted updated patch notes on the European WoW site and Teza has reposted them at World of Raids with all the changes highlighted. From my quick scan of the list, it appears that resto druids are getting nerfed, mages' Mana Emeralds as well as rogues' Hemorrhage ability are receiving some rather neutral changes, and rogues' Shadowstep is getting buffed.

From my understanding, tree druids are currently able to maintain a high level of healing per second through careful upkeep of Lifebloom on their targets. This is due to the fact that a druid can pop all his trinkets to maximize his +healing and then cast the spell. As long as he keeps refreshing the HoT before it "blooms", it will maintain that maximized level of +healing, thus making for a very efficient and powerful spell. As I understand the new patch notes, this will no longer be possible since the incoming Lifeblooms will overwrite the +healing value of the previous ones. I don't play a tree druid, but I'm sure some of my guild mates will be ranting over this in tonight's raid.

Additionally, mages' mana gems are receiving a further change. Basically, the range of the possible amount of mana returned is getting narrowed. The current values, 1136-1364 mana returned, had already been increased on the PTR up to 1800-3000 mana returned and will now be changed again to 2340-2460. If I've done my math correctly, the average amount of mana gained is staying the same between the two newer values, but the shorter range will create a more consistent performance for the gem. Overall, it's difficult for me to judge the value of this change since it's not really a buff or a nerf.

While I do play a rogue, I've never used Shadowstep, but it seems like it's getting a clear buff. According to the notes, the core ability is remaining unchanged aside from the fact that it now grants a combo point. It's hard to imagine that anyone could complain about this change.

Undoubtedly, the real controversy for rogues will come from the changes to Hemorrhage. This ability seems to be loved by a certain section of the rogue populace, although it has been much maligned in the past for its low DPS output. Patch 2.3 greatly improved the damage of the ability, making it viable for rogues of all types. Now we learn that the direct damage of the ability is being decreased while the +physical damage debuff it places on its target is getting increased. This likely means that the individual rogue's damage will be decreased while increasing the damage of his rogue, feral druid, warrior and hunter allies. Not enough information is provided in the notes to do an analysis of whether this will end up being a buff or nerf, but I'd speculate that rogue's will dislike the tampering with their new toy.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

For the full patch notes, click on the "Read" link below.

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