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An American Tourist's Abbreviated Guide to London Gaming

Kyle Orland

In America, Thanksgiving is a time of family, turkey, and football. In England, Thanksgiving is, well, just another day (although there was football). Unfortunately, I happened to be in the latter country with my wife and her family for the week surrounding the holiday, which means I didn't get a chance to revel in the Rock Band release or gawk at the Black Friday madness. I did, however, get an extremely cursory glance at the state of gaming and gaming culture as I toured the country's capital, London. Check out the below gallery for a glance at that glance, and be sure to read the captions to figure out what's going on. And, if you happen to be from England, I apologize in advance for what I'm sure is my total misunderstanding of everything I saw.

Above: A totally awesome Real Puncher game at the Namco Station arcade. The game is apparently the sequel to Sonic Blast Man, which was a childhood arcade favorite of mine.

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