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Around Azeroth: Meet Malchezaar


This shot of Karazhan's Prince Malchezaar, sent in by reader Gabe, strikes a little close to home for me, personally. If you've never visited Karazhan and encountered the Prince, let me explain: throughout the fight infernals fall from the sky. When they land, they stand in one place send out damaging pulses of hellfire in a circle around them. As the fight progresses, your raid will find positioning more and more difficult until you reach the point this image shows us: infernals are everywhere and, without a safe place to stand, your raid has perished. Prince Malchezaar, having eliminated everyone else in your group, is now coming after you. Gabe explains the moment for us, "I've run to the door screaming for someone to let me out, (he's too tall to fit) but no one answers."

Have any memorable raid wipes of your own to share? Send them to us at Around Azeroth! All you have to do is e-mail with a copy of your screenshot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could find your pictures and story featured next!

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