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BioShock patch, free DLC due next week


The Cult of Rapture has posted an update regarding the status of the, erm, update scheduled to seep into your PC and Xbox 360 copies of aquatic anarchy sim, BioShock. A patch (or "title update," as the Xbox Live euphemism goes) is expected to arrive next week, bringing with it free but as yet unspecified downloadable content. The undersea DLC will be bundled with the PC patch's TLC, and should be easy to see (provided you're not still on PCP) via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Expect to read an exuberant and overwrought post on this very website as soon as we ascertain the nature of the mysterious downloadable content. New plasmids? Likely! Goomba skins for Big Daddies? Decidedly not.

[Thanks, DiddlyKong]

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