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Everything I needed to know I learned from raid bosses


Via the always wonderful Blessing of Kings, Sussemilch of Moon Guard has made a list of life lessons she learned in Karazhan. Among the highlights are:

  • "Netherspite taught us that sometimes you should just run away."
  • "Prince taught us that sometimes bad things happen to good people."
  • "Curator taught us that there's a time for everything."

Moving beyond Kara, I can add some of the lessons I've learned from my time in 40-mans and 25-mans:

  • Chromaggus taught me that sometimes it's best to follow the crowd ... but Gruul taught me not to follow TOO closely.
  • Alterac Valley taught me to never find a land war in Asia.
  • The General Rajaxx event taught me that there is some content you should not stealth past, even if someone in the group pays you 20 gold.
  • Princess Huhuran taught me that all Raids cannot kill bugs.
  • Vael taught me that it is possible to feel sorry for a 50-foot dragon that is trying to eat you.
  • Baron Geddon taught me the importance of not making enemies in your guild.
  • The Emps-C'thun trash AQ40 taught me that sometimes it's best to pretend your internet connection is going down and pull the plug on your computer.

What have you learned from raiding?

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