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PSP-exclusive Wild Arms XF confirmed for US

Jason Dobson

As one of maybe six people who seem to derive enjoyment from Sony and Media Vision's RPG series Wild Arms, I was was understandably pleased with news of publisher XSEED's intent to bring the new PSP-exclusive Wild Arms XF, or Crossfire, to North America next spring, even if those around me could care less.

This latest jaunt through the Wild West-themed world of Filgaia will mark a return to the hex-based combat system used in by the previous two games in the franchise. While few other details have been revealed about the game, it's interesting to note that the Japanese version of the title supports linking between it and Wild Arms 5 for the PS2, unlocking new items and boss battles across both titles, giving the handful of us who appreciate the series another reason not to pack away our aging PS2s just yet.

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