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Smith and Midway split after BlackSite comments


Harvey Smith, who recently made a stink about the "f*cked up" development of Blacksite: Area 51, has parted ways with Midway. According to GameTap, the separation was a mutual decision between Midway and Smith. Word on the street, according to Joystiq, is that Smith actually made the BlackSite comments in order to get fired in the first place. The purely speculative reason he did this: so he could join Eidos to work on the recently announced Deus Ex 3. Smith has worked on previous Deus Ex titles for the now defunct Ion Storm game studio, so it makes sense (speculatively, mind you). We're glad it's Friday because, frankly, all the firings, rants, and ad agency shuffling is getting confusing.

[Via Joystiq]

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