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Wii Warm Up: The questing continues some more

Eric Caoili

As if responding to the concerns we raised yesterday, D3Publisher announced what changes and additions gamers can expect with the Wii port of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Shouldn't we have heard about these details at an earlier date, preferably before the game was shipped out?

Anyway, this new Wii version of the puzzle/RPG hybrid has rebalanced elements, a replay option for capturing monsters, and a two-player multiplayer mode. As we predicted, there are no online features, unlike the Xbox Live Arcade and PC releases. Developer Vicious Cycle Software did, however, make sure to integrate "waggle control options with the Wii Remote."

Were any of you actually hoping for motion-based controls? Or were you wishing, like we were, that the developer would focus its efforts on implementing the primary feature fans of the handheld versions were asking for? We'll probably pick up Puzzle Quest anyway; we just wish we could play against some of you online.

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