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One Boss Leaves: C'Thun vs. Mother Shahraz wrap-up


Our last Two Bosses Enter deathmatch was simply a no-contest: C'Thun defeated Mother Shahraz with little difficulty, coming away the winner with a healthy 86% of the vote. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's had a chance to try the encounter for themselves, as C'Thun is a tricky customer and a standard boss would have little clue as to how to handle him.

With this competition complete and Mother Shahraz leaving our arena in disgrace, I'm happy to inform you that we've finished our first round of fights! From here on we'll be pitting contenders we've seen before against one another and getting ever closer to learning who the ultimate World of Warcraft boss may be. Check out our current brackets (though note that they may get shifted around) and come back later today to catch the next round of Two Bosses Enter!

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