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DS gets downloadable content with official DSVision flash card peripheral


Piracy ahoy! AM3 and Dai Nippon Printing have partnered up to release the DSVision digital content platform for the Nintendo DS in Japan. The device -- which is officially licensed by Nintendo -- features a MicroSD flash card and a standard-sized DS card adapter. Users will be able to download movies, music, books, and manga from the DSVision website, and download the content onto the MicroSD card for portable viewing/listening.

Of course, we're more intrigued by the device's ability to put other content on the DS. Piracy? Who said anything about piracy? The DSVision could do a lot to mainstream the DS's homebrew development community, especially with its official endorsement from Nintendo.

DSVision is due for release in Japan this January, at a suggested retail price of ¥3,980 (or approximately $37 USD). The online digital content store isn't due to open until March. We smell a hot import item...

[Via Engadget]

Update: Added that this is a Nintendo-licensed peripheral. Thanks, Crono & Hakobus

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