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Guildwatch: Inspiring action in all the wrong places

Mike Schramm

Pretty amazing Kael down seen above-- the server was going offline, and as you can see, with just a scant 15 seconds left, Reforged on Runetotem was able to grab all their loot. Whew!

Right after the jump, you'll find this week's Guildwatch, your weekly look at all the drama, downed, and recruiting news you send us. The email address is send us your tips there (anonymous or otherwise), and see them here next week. Click the link to read on.


  • Reforged on Runetotem doesn't have any drama happening to them, but they did have something dramatic happen. Right before the 2am patch, they decided to pull Kael'thas at 1:42am, knowing full well that the fight took at least 20 minutes. At phase 4, says our tipster, the server notices started coming. At a minute 30 seconds left, they had him to 5%. At 50 seconds left, they downed him, and the eight people standing rezzed with all their might. As you can see from the screenshot above, they got the loot out just in time. Fun!
  • Reign of Shadows and Exiled, both on Shadow Council-H, want everyone to know that they have merged up into a new raiding guild called Infusion. And they claim that they did it with no drama at all. That's lame-- not even a confused guild forum post?
  • Here's a clarification on last week's report about Greatly Exaggerated on Hydraxis-- but it's not what you think. It comes from a member of Kalimdor's Legion, who confirms that yes, GE showed up on their server and claimed they were the best thing since a sliced Tough Hunk of Bread. But contrary to reports, KL was the first guild to down Kael'thas, and KL says it's not their job to compete against GE-- they say they don't even count GE as a competitor. KL raids with 60 people and was built up from when the server started, and GE swooped in and raids with the same 25 people every night, we're told. KL says any intonation that the two guilds are competing is just silly.
  • Trouble in The Mighty Chickens on Arthas-A. The original GL had passed on leadership to an interim guildleader (the raidleader of the guild), but as of 2.3, he refused to pass over full leadership, and as a result, the guild couldn't use the guild bank features correctly. So the raidleader decided to /gquit and form her own guild, Resurgence. She apparently said it was a group decision among the officers, except that it actually wasn't. They're doing well (have downed Lurker), but the Chickens are still planning to raid-- they start up recruiting again in a few weeks, we're told.
  • There is a crazy amount of NSFW language in this /gquit picture, but I think our tipster is right: it is pretty legendary.
  • Relationship drama on Baelgun! Sabettarcy is the girl, Blakhands is the boyfriend (probably an ex- by now, actually), and Short Bus Mafia is the guild stuck in the middle of it all. As our tipster says, "the principals get involved later in the thread." The "principals" sounds like a scientific study. Imagine it: drama analysis!
  • You know when a thread is started by a lowbie alt and is titled "GG Fission officers," that it's going to be good.
  • If only he'd channeled all this energy and fervor into something really important. "It would seem you are unhappy about leadership, young alt. You have undoubtedly been overlooked, or treated differently than others. You feel there are things you do not like, but do not have the power to change. In one last desperate attempt, you have come here, in an open forum, to proclaim your opinions to the world! To spark change and free the good and honourable people from the tyranny and oppression that is The Departed!"
  • Treacherous Set of Muradin has transferred to Whisperwind and merged with The Crazy Ones to form Fortytwo. On their second night, they went to Gruul and cleared it out completely. Grats!
  • The Noble Europeans on EU Agamaggan-H have both downed Vashj and cleared Zul'Aman.
  • Singularities on EU Dentarg has been a little slow lately but they came back last weekend-- they took out Solarian and Fathomlord. Rock on.
  • Gnome Ravagers on Terenas-H had the misfortune of losing their tank and a few healers a while back, but they're back on top of things, too, and took out Illhoof for a guild first. Shade is on notice!
  • Talisman on Moon Guard is a fairly new light raiding guild, but they're off to a good start. On their third trip into Karazhan, they cleared it, and they're up to Akil'zon in Zul'Aman already.
  • The Esoteric Order, Medivh-A, downed Void Reaver for the first time. Zul'jin is on notice! (They wanted Mag on notice too, but guys-- only one notice at a time!)
  • In the Wake on Zul'jin-A finally dropped Gruul the other day, but the server crashed before they could get the loot. One GM told them there was no way to get the gear back, but they contacted another GM, who happily mailed them the loot. Good to know.
  • Foundation on Dentarg dropped Hydross. Hot!
  • For Instance on Proudmoore (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award!) is proud to say that they have cleared Karazhan through Chess, and are now working on an old favorite: Molten Core.
  • Colossus on Eldre'thalas had an excellent week of raiding including first kills of Al'ar, High Astromancer Solarian, and Leotheras the Blind. Only Vashj and Kael to go!
  • KVN on Laughing Skull skipped right over Magtheridon and dropped Solarian. Grats!
  • Serious Business on Gnomeregan killed Magtheridon for a guild first! Vermin! My blood is my own!
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A is rolling right along, too: Al'ar, Solarian, Leotheras, and Fathomlord all in the same week. Vashj is on notice, but stop the progression madness!
  • Argus Imperious on Zangarmarsh-A finished off Loot Reaver last week, and they're also recruiting: druids, priests, mage, rogue, and warlock.
  • Torn Empire on Durotan killed Eagle and Lynx in ZA, and Dragonhawk is on notice. They also say they're *this close* to getting the first timed quest-- the bear and the prisoner died in the same instant.
  • The Band and Crucible on Blackwater Raiders say "took out Gruul. Mag on notice." Few words. Lots of action.
  • Brotherhood of Ronin on Dalvengyr-A is recruiting applicants now, and specifically seeking healers and offtanks.
  • KaTel Mane and KaTet Nox are two sister guilds on Exodar-- Mane does the leveling up to 70, and Nox does the raiding-- that are both looking for players looking to make their way to 70 and get started raiding.
  • Syck is a GMT+8 raiding guild on Smoulderthorn-H. They are looking for consistent and well-geared raiders to take down Vashj in SSC.
  • Death Song on Lightbringer-A has cleared through Kara to Prince at 50%, and they're also recruiting shadow priests and mages, as well as more for a second group.
  • Dread Knights on Malfurion-H is a casual raiding guild who doesn't let casual mean "anti-progression." They're seeking raiders of all classes especially healers, to help them finish Karazhan and head off to Gruul and beyond.
  • Cowabunga Raiders on Quel'thelas has finished off Karazhan and is putting HKM on notice-- and they're looking for raiders to help out.
That's it for this week's GW! Until next week, as always, happy raiding! And stay warm, it's snowing out there!

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