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Metallica to debut new single via Rock Band

Dustin Burg

Looky here fanboys, we think we may have come across Rock Band's rumored big announcement and it is definetly a first for video games.

Talking with the Rocky Mountain News, MTV senior vice president of home entertainment Paul DeGooyer mentioned that they're working with artists to exclusively debut new singles using Rock Band. You know, the same way Prince made his single "Guitar" exclusive to Verizon Wireless. Yeah, that same concept. And first to sign up for a Rock Band track debut is none other than ... Metallica. According to DeGooyer's statements, Metallica has already signed on the dotted line and are commited to giving Rock Band their first single off of their upcoming album. It's an interesting idea and is a somewhat exciting forshadowing of things to come, but we seriously wonder how many other artists are willing to do the same thing. Then again, money does make the world go around ... and around ... and around.

[Thanks, Shaun]

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