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Nokia "applauds" Verizon's choice of LTE

Chris Ziegler

Verizon has been devoid of real, actual Nokia handsets (and no, those weird Pantechs don't count) for just about as long as we can remember, but things are turning around. Relations between Nokia and CDMA champion Qualcomm are still just about as cold as they could possibly be, but Espoo stuck a toe into the CDMA waters earlier this year with its 2135 candybar. Anyway, CDMA isn't the story here -- the real news is that Nokia took the time to actually craft a press release cheering on Verizon for selecting LTE as its next-gen network technology and committing to opening its airwaves. It goes on to say that they've been supporting operators committed to LTE for quite a while now and generally butters up Verizon with phrases like "one of the world's leading wireless providers," so we're pretty certain that if these two aren't already working together on stuff, Nokia's making a play for some love.

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