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Play as Ken and Chun Li in Korean MMO fighting game


A massively-multiplayer online fighting game. Now why didn't we think of that? Korean company NeoWiz is beginning an open beta this month for Perfect KO, an MMO that allows players to customize avatars and pound on each other in typical fighting-game fashion.

Insert Credit reports that Street Fighter's Ken and Chun Li will be playable avatars in the game, meaning that NeoWiz has struck some sort of licensing deal with Capcom to give players access to these heavy-hitters. The company is also apparently not averse to inviting other licensed characters into the fray, which could make for some interesting match-ups. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Necrid.

Check out some footage of the MMO in action after the break (the video's audio is NSFW due to the grating Linkin Park soundtrack).

[Via Massively]

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