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Tabula Rasa devs foster Friday Night Fights

Chris Chester

Destination Games posted another Tabula Rasa Weekend Wrap-up this morning, revealing the results of the latest Friday Night Fight. As part of their burgeoning community-centric approach to their game, they've been heavily involved in supporting the event that, not unlike the group in a particular movie starring Brad Pitt, seems to have started organically and has gradually grown with the support and interest of the player base. In Friday Night Fights, players roll new characters, strip them of all their high-tech weaponry and armor, and duke it out in hand-to-hand in a tiered series of battles.

What separates FNF from a nude gnome raid on Iron Forge is that the developers have actually helped facilitate transforming it into a legitimate community event, building a boxing ring for the event to take place in, and making sure that Tabula Rasa dignitaries like Sarah Morrison and General British are on-hand to cheer the fighters to victory. They're so involved, in fact, that after this past weekend's tournament, the winner was granted one of General British's berets, the only one like it in the game. When is the last time Thrall paid players the same mind?

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