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The Joystiq Weekend: December 1 to 3, 2007

Ross Miller

Remember this? You were supposed to be waiting up for this right now. At least you get to keep some extra money for the already-massive lineup of AAA titles this season. And there's always this, too. (Caution: link NSFW) Check out the (many) highlights for this (rather exhausting) weekend:

Latest developments in "Gerstmann-gate"
Rumorang: Gerstmann-gate edition
Ziff Davis staff holds impromptu GameSpot rally
Gerstmann-gate: Sunday morning update
Exclusive: Gertsmann speaks about K&L review, future
Blackout Monday: virtual boycott targets GameSpot, CNET sites
Gerstmann-gate: Blackout Monday update
CNET podcast hosts comment on Gerstmann controversy
GameSpot posts official Gerstmann firing notice

Activision and Blizzard parent merge in $18 billion deal
Blizzard wants you to know that merger won't affect their games
GameSetWatch analyzes Activision/Vivendi merger
The Activision Blizzard conference call
Activision stock way up after merger news
Joystiq Podcast Roundtable - Blizzavision ... Actiblizzard?

Japanese hardware sales, Nov. 19 - Nov. 25: Informative puppeteer edition
Reminder: Last chance to win a $5K gaming PC from Falcon Northwest
Today's danciest video: Merry Xmas 2K7
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: charitable edition

Guitar Hero II gets DLC: Indie Label Pack II
Rock Band team offers free EA game for guitar repair delays
GameTap losing over 7% of games; EA, Interplay and other publishers gone Dec. 11
DS gets downloadable content with official DSVision flash card peripheral
New games this week: Universe at War: Earth Assault edition
Virtual Console gets Eternal Champions, Zanac, The Dynastic Hero
Kuju opens new Nik Nak studio aimed at kids
Resident Evil: Outbreak and Monster Hunter online services cease for PS2
Microsoft reveals XBLA games coming in December and January
Eidos trademarks 'Tomb Raider Underworld'
Metallica in talks to debut new single as Rock Band DLC
Big surprise: Guitar Hero 4, Call of Duty 5, and Tony Hawk 11 confirmed
Sega: No plans to release NiGHTS PS2 outside of Japan
This Tuesday: Arcade Hits
Tomb Raider engine to power Deus Ex 3
Xbox 360 video playback FAQ
Smash Bros blog teaches us how to make friends
Turok clips show off multiplayer
Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland: meanest Nintendo game ever?
Play as Ken and Chun Li in Korean MMO fighting game
Andy Serkis spearheading East England game industry network
Tretton admits to 'missteps' in PS3's first year

Rumors & Speculation
Take-Two CEO sees industry consolidation as 'inevitable'

Culture & Community
Sleater-Kinney guitarist talks Rock Band
Guitar Hero brings business to six-string tutors
Something Awful pokes fun at Mass Effect
Mega64's VGA 2007 TV spot makes us laugh, feel guilty
AskMen's Top 10 Hottest Women in Tech
DIY: Weighted Companion Cube paperweight
Henry Jenkins sounds off on Spencer Halpin's 'Moral Kombat'
Roll your own ugly Wii Zapper using LEGOs
The 21 days of Wii from Circuit City

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