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Detroit prosecutor makes outdated violent games list for holidays


Detroit has a bit of a crime problem and prosecutor Kym Worthy is looking to bring that down by issuing her third annual list of the "Top 10 Most Violent Games" for parents. As GamePolitics points out, the list isn't looking to be topical or specific; wide brush strokes will do. For example, if reading literally, the original Grand Theft Auto, the original Manhunt, and last year's Scarface round out the top three. 50 Cent Bulletproof comes in at number four -- because that already forgotten 2005 title is on every any kid's wish list for 2007.

The problem with Worthy's list is its basic redundancy of what one would hope is common sense, because every title on her list is rated M. How about just telling parents not to buy M-rated games for their kids? Blanket statement, end of story. Why pick and choose games when the ESRB has been kind enough to slap an M on the cover, giving parents adequate warning in the first place?

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