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Exteel is live and ready for the masses

Matt Warner

Players waiting to tear it up on some Mechanaughts in NCsoft's latest MMO, Exteel can jump right in now that the game is live after a successful open beta. There is no database wipe, so any players that participated in the open beta will be able to play with their same wrecks. Exteel is an online 3rd person shooter featuring customized mechs, and the gameplay more or less revolves around beating the living crap out of your opponents with a large arsenal of weaponry. Our own Chris Chester posted a first impression look during the open beta that is definitely worth reading if you are considering playing the game.

Any Massively readers give Exteel a spin during the open beta? What did you think? Does RMT kill this for you? I'd rather deal with the RMT aspects in this type of MMOG than have to shell out for another subscription to be honest with you.

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