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First trailer for Twisted Metal: Head On port emerges

Justin McElroy

We've just got to say it: Watching a trailer for a new Twisted Metal game makes us feel downright nostalgic. It doesn't hurt that this trailer for the upcoming PSP-to-PS2 port of Twisted Metal: Head On (now subtitled the Extra Twisted Edition) makes no efforts to seem hip or modern, sticking to the edgy, dark, metal-inspired pastiche that's been a series hallmark since its inception more than a decade ago.

If you're old enough to remember Sweet Tooth and the rest of the upwardly mobile monsters he associated with (or just like making cars explode) this new offering seems to be a pretty solid deal, jam-packed with new levels, updated graphics and a bevy of bonus features. As a coming-out party for David Jaffe's Eat Sleep Play, this "everything old is new again" approach seems like a good choice. It's one he explained further today on Sony's official blog where he wrote that working on a new Twisted Metal game was "like coming home." We know exactly what you mean, Dave. We know exactly what you mean.

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