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FREE Xbox Originals themes and gamer pictures

Dustin Burg

If you know anything about us here at X3F, then you've already accepted the fact that we love our free Marketplace content. It's one of the rare things in life that can instantly brighten our day. And today we've got our fair share of free XBLM content with the release of a hand full of themes and gamer picture sets from the new Xbox Originals games. Available to all Xbox Live subscribers is a free theme and gamer picture pack for each Xbox Original game including Crash Bandicoot, Crimson Skies, Fable, Fuzion Frenzy, Halo, Indigo Prophecy and Psychonauts. That's a total of seven free themes and picture packs. And surprise, surprise, they're all actually pretty decent. Especially the free Halo picture pack, because we're suckers for a good Grunt gamer pic.

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